Why is Property Management Pros Atlanta my number one choice for the management of my Atlanta home?
Property Management Pros Atlanta is your number one choice for property management in Atlanta for many reasons! For one, our combined experience of 50+ years in the real estate market gives us an advantage when determining the market value of a home, and calculating the highest appropriate rental amount. There have been hundreds of homeowners who thought that there was no hope after they could not sell their home, but we were able to help them by providing them with the superior option of renting!

Besides our expertise allowing us to achieve lease rates at the ceiling of the market, we provide Un-Matched advertising for each client to guarantee the fastest turnaround time for renting their home, and for top dollar! Our top-notch skills and tools allow us to advertise your home for rent on over 40 top real estate websites, using high definition videos and high-resolution pictures of your home, to bring in the most income possible for your property!

How long do I have to wait before there is a paying tenant in my home?
Well, it does depend on each individual home’s situation: the state it is in, your asking rental price, and the current local market, but at Property Management Pros Atlanta, we are more efficient with our time than other property management companies in the area. Our superior advertising will generally achieve the placement of a qualified tenant into your Atlanta home in about 35 days on average. In optimum conditions, your home may even rent in a matter of weeks or days! When we match our quality advertising and services with quality, turnkey property, we can move it faster and for a lower cost than the other property management companies and brokerages around!

What variables do you factor in when deciding a rental rate for my home?
Property Management Pros Atlanta are experts in residential property management. With our specialization in single-family homes and condos, we pride ourselves with knowing the scoop when it comes to local market trends, rental prices, what the current market is looking for and how to attract prospective renters. We use our own in-house private data, examine the neighborhood, collect data on other properties currently or recently rented in the area, and the specific features and condition of your home, to formulate a rental rate that will attract quality tenants in 30 days or less with a full deposit.

Will you be letting just anyone look at my home?
We take great care in thoroughly screening all prospective renters before showing them your home. There will be no keys given out. Instead of giving tenants the lockbox code or keys like some management companies, we only allow our select professional leasing agents access to your home, who in turn, will only show your home to pre-qualified tenants.

How can I be sure that the tenant you find is qualified to rent my home?
When a prospective tenant has found your home on our website, or another site we have posted it to, and tells us they want to rent the home, we start the screening process. This process involves several outside companies that will run a credit report, conduct a background check, review employment history, rental history, and check local and national sexual offender databases. We then put this collected data into our proprietary software, and if the tenant is a good fit for your home, it will offer a recommendation. We provide you with this recommendation and you can make the final call whether or not to place the tenant in your home.

How will I be receiving the rental payments on my home?
Tenants are aware of rent being due on or before the 1st of the month. We will collect their payments and then post the proceeds to your account. We send out a detailed summary report along with your proceed check on the 23-25th of that month.

Are you able to keep my maintenance costs from going through the roof?
With our in house maintenance division and specialized vendors that are qualified to handle any problems, we are able to keep costs down. We will not mark up parts as other companies do, so you will receive the best work at the best price for any problems that arise. We also offer a home warranty through globe home warranty protection, to give you options.

How can I be sure that the tenant will be responsible when living in my home?
Not every person that lives in your home is going to treat it with the same amount of care as you do. Some may treat is with less care, while others may even treat it better than you would! However, in general, your home will not experience any damages in excess of the normal wear & tear that come with age.

Should I leave behind some of my furniture in the home?
If you are marketing your home as a vacation rental, with people staying for short periods of time, then it is a good idea to leave the home furnished. On the other hand, if you are hoping to secure a tenant for a longer period of time, such as year to year, then you should not leave any furniture in your home. The tenant will want to fill the home with their own furniture.

Is it my job to mow the lawn, and other lawn maintenance?
It is customary for tenants to take care of mowing the lawn and general lawn maintenance. If you would like to ensure that your lawn receives regular, top-notch maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible, we do offer a full-service landscaping program.

When I move out of the house, should I cancel my utilities?
Absolutely not! It is important to leave the utilities on and under your name until they have been transferred to the new tenant to safeguard against damage to plumbing, appliances and sump pumps. Besides saving you from damages, there are a lot fewer hassles when you transfer the utilities from one name to another than trying to get them to shut off and turned back on.

Can I start to rent my property when I am still living in it?
Statistics confirm that a vacant, turnkey home rents faster and for a better price than a house that looks lived in. Having a home that is uncluttered and ready for a new tenant allows the tenant to imagine the home as their own, with their own belongings filling the space. It also allows for a quick turnaround if the tenant wishes to move in right away.

Am I still responsible for homeowners’ insurance on the property, or will this fall to the new tenant?
Because you are still the one who owns the home, you are the only one legally allowed to hold a homeowners’ insurance policy, the tenant cannot. While your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the home itself, we do require that the tenants carry renters’ insurance for their personal belongings. Contact your insurance agent if you have any additional questions.

My move-out date is less than 6 weeks away. How soon should I start the rental process?
Right now is the perfect time to give us a call and see how we can help you! Waiting until the last minute makes things more difficult for everyone; improve your renting experience by contacting us today!

I want to know, what sets you apart from the other agents I see renting homes nearby?
Countless agents and brokerages have NO real property management experience, let alone a concentration on single-family homes and condos. In fact, they may not even be insured to manage properties at all!

Ok, I’m ready to start, what will it cost me to begin?
Property Management Pros Atlanta has aggressive rates, along with the most all-inclusive service in Atlanta! For covering the initial evaluation, pictures, video, professional ad, distribution of that ad to over 40 top targeted websites, showings, tenant pre-screening, document preparation, collection and distribution of rent, assistance in resolving unforeseen household maintenance/tenant issues, and detailed summary report, our monthly management fee is just $99 a Month. Many other property management companies and brokerages charge upwards of 8-10% of the monthly rent, every month!

Our leasing commission is a very competitive flat fee equal to one month’s rent.

What additional costs will there be to start?
We ask our homeowners to provide a $250.00 reserve account. This goes towards fixing any minor maintenance issues that occur so that we can fix them right away without bothering you per property.

I have a few more questions about your property management services, whom should I contact?
All you have to do is fill out the form below to request a free quote and someone will be in contact with you shortly to answer any questions.

What if I rent my Atlanta home for awhile, but then decide that I want to sell?
We have an exclusive Hybrid Real Estate System where we can simultaneously market your home for rent, rent to own, land contract, sale, or any other terms that are suitable to you, that will provide the fastest possible solution in your current real estate market.